Legal Advice

Our work as lawyers is focused on economic efficiency.

Together with you, we weigh up the measures that are sensible in consideration of the costs risk.

What good is it to you to win a lawsuit if the opponent is unable to pay?

We represent your legal interests in and out of court in the following fields of law:

General law of civil procedure
  • Collection of a debt / Collection
  • Drawing up and checking contracts of all kinds
Commercial and company law
  • Choice of the legal form
  • Drawing up and checking contracts
Labour law
  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Formulation of notices, references, etc.
  • Representation before labour and social courts
Family law
  • Drawing up marriage contracts
  • Representation in divorce proceedings
  • Assertion of your maintenance claims
Law of succession
  • Drawing up a will
  • Distribution of an estate
  • Execution of a wil
  • Power of attorney for health care and advance directives
Landlord and tenant law
  • Drawing up tenancy agreements and lease contracts
  • Representation in rent actions
Road traffic law
  • Representation in traffic accident matters
  • Defence in monetary fine proceedings

Tax law

Criminal law regarding tax offences